Young Professionals

  • Christ Our Hope Young Professionals is a community where all are welcome to grow together in faith, hope, and love through liturgy, outreach, and stewardship.

    We are committed to fostering each other's vocations and gifts as a diverse people of God. All are welcome!  

    We're privileged to grow with Christ Our Hope and encourage everyone to become involved in the life of the parish.

  • Stewardship Parish

    Many of our young adults serve our community in other volunteer roles as well. Young adults serve with Communications, Hispanic Ministry, Faith Formation, Finance, Liturgy, and Outreach. Many of us also serve as Liturgical Ministers during Mass. Christ Our Hope is a stewardship parish and we're blessed with the responsibility to make it our own!

    Young adults attend both the morning and the evening masses on Sundays. Say hello to Deacon Dennis before or after mass and he'll make sure we get in touch with you!

  • Events

    • Christ Our Hope young adults host Eucharist Adoration on the first Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 pm. 
    • Our Spe Salvi Faith Formation and Bible Study Group meet Wednesday evenings. 
  • Contact Us

    • Interested in joining, volunteering, or have questions? You can fill out the online question form by clicking here, and completing the inquiry. 
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