Young Professionals

  • Christ Our Hope Young Professionals is a community where all are welcome to grow together in faith, hope and love through liturgy, outreach, and stewardship.

    We are comitted to fostering each other's vocations and gifts as a diverse people of God. All are welcome!  

    We're privileged to grow with Christ Our Hope and encourage everyone to become involved in the life of the parish.

    Stewardship Parish

    Many of our young adults serve our community in other volunteer roles as well. Young adults serve with Communications, Hispanic Ministry, Faith Formation, Finance, Liturgy and Outreach. Many of us also serve as Liturgical Ministers during Mass. Christ Our Hope is a stewardship parish and we're blessed with the responsibility to make it our own!

    Young adults attend both the morning and the evening masses on Sundays. Say hello to Father Bill Heric before or after mass and he'll make sure we get in touch with you!

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  • Events

    • Our next event we are sponsoring is the CRS Lenten Soup Supper on Sunday March 31, 2019. All are welcome to help prepare a simple meal, set up, take down and participate in fellowship and dinner with parishioners and Josephinum residents. Email to RSVP. 
    • Our Spe Salvi Faith Formation and Bible Study Group meets every other Wednesday at 7 p.m. after the evening Mass in the Pastoral Center. Contact Cate or Alvaro for current dates.  
    • We typically participate in CYO Adult Softball in the summers and an informal football league in the fall.