Sacred Spaces at Christ Our Hope 

  • Beyond the generous benefactors who supported the original renovation of the worship space, lobby, and pastoral center, the parish continues to find other ways to beautify both the Josephinum and Christ Our Hope. Each year the rebate from the Annual Catholic Appeal "ACA" is used to nourish not only bodies but souls of all who live, worship, serve or pass through downtown Seattle. We have renovated the basement, first floor and mezzanine. In addition to raising money for the church, our ACA rebate has completed the Archbishop Brunett Pastoral Center, the Totem Fireplace, the Four Evangelists on the outside of the building, and now the sidewalk on Second Avenue where the sculpture of the Homeless Jesus was placed as part of our renovation projects.  

    Capital improvements continue to be made to provide meeting and gathering spaces for a dynamic community of faith and service.

    The spiritual and social well-being of today’s residents, parishioners, and visitors are supported by the restoration to its former state of this century-old Seattle treasure.

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