• The love of husband and wife is one of the clearest signs and symbols of God’s love for us.  At a Wedding Mass we pray “Love is our origin.  Love is our constant calling.  Love is our fulfillment in heaven.”  At Christ Our Hope Catholic Church, we welcome the celebration of your love for each other in the Catholic Church—even during our regular celebrations of Sunday Mass.

    The Archdiocese of Seattle requires a minimum six-month preparation period from first contact with the parish to the intended wedding date, including a combination of catechesis, interviews, retreats, pre-marital assessment tools, and planning a wedding according to the Rite of Marriage of the Catholic Church. There are various ways of completing these requirements, based on your own situation. Depending on the couple, additional time, preparation, or paperwork may be necessary.

    Please contact Pam Thompson, as soon as possible, to begin a conversation about celebrating your wedding at Christ Our Hope.