Music Ministry at Christ Our Hope

The primary music "ensemble" at all liturgies at  Christ Our Hope Catholic Church is the gathered assembly itself. The parish is known for its "full, active and conscious" participation in the liturgy through robust congregational singing--singing supported by volunteer Psalmists, Cantors, Leaders of Song, and instrumentalists.

Please contact the Pastoral Assistant for Music, Thomas Varas, at [email protected] for more information. 

9:30 AM Mass 

The singing of the assembly at the Sunday Morning Mass is supported by parishioners with Psalmists, Cantors, Leaders of Song, pianist.

5:00 PM Misa, en español

El coro esta formado por un grupo de jóvenes voluntarios que apoyan con su voz e instrumentos.

7:00 PM Mass

The singing of the assembly at the Sunday Evening Mass September through June is supported by the Choir of Hope with Psalmists, Cantors, Leaders of Song, pianist, violin. The ministry of the Choir of Hope frequently is supported by outstanding volunteer string players, percussionists and brass.

The Choir of Hope is a non-auditioned choir which supports the assembly singing at the Sunday Evening 7:00  Mass, September through June.  The choir is open to every one who wishes to make a "joyful noise to the Lord"-- Catholic or non-Catholic, trained or beginner, old or young,

The Choir rehearses Tuesdays 7:30 - 9:00 and Sundays 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm.  Members may schedule free, private, music coaching sessions with the director.

Choir of Hope was founded by Jean Mishler in Advent 2015.   The choir has grown from the original 2 or 3 singers to the present 25 plus singers.   The repertory includes Medieval and Renaissance music, African American Spirituals, folk music from various traditions, music from the Taize Community and new music composed for the ensemble. 

 Information contact: [email protected]

Upcoming Music Events

July 9, Sunday 7:00 pm Mass

Sacred Music of the Philippines
Tagalog Singers of the Choir of Hope

Dear Choir of Hope

August 2018

Free Vocal Workshop at COH

Christ Our Hope's Third Annual Vocal Workshop  for trained and untrained singers, beginners and advanced Knock the rust off the vocal cords! Work with the region’s most respected vocal coaches!

September 2017

Choir of Hope in Downtown Seattle

NW Catholic published a wonderful article and video (below) about our Choir of Hope, conducted by Dr James Savage. Read more about it HERE.

June 2017

The Lorica of St. Patrick

an enormously gifted Irish woman, the great poet, Cecil Frances Alexander, translated them into English for us. She is the one who helped teach children the creed through songs she wrote for them: All things bright and beautiful (“God the maker of heaven and earth”); Once in David’s royal city (“He was born of the Virgin Mary”) There is a green hill far away (“He was crucified under Pontius Pilate”); He is risen! He is risen! (“On the third day he rose again”), and many more.

Past Performances

Meet the Choir Leaders

Dr James Savage

is the director of Choir of Hope. He has a doctorate in music and served as music director and St James Cathedral for over 30 years. After retiring, he was convinced by our founding pastor, Fr. Paul Magnano, to volunteer his time forming a new choir at Christ Our Hope evening mass. 


Alan, Daniela, Homero, Coro Hispano

El coro Cristo Nuestra Esperanza ofrece su ministerio todos los domingos en la misa de las 5 de la tarde, con el objetivo de acercar a Nuestra Iglesia a la comunidad hispana que se encuentra como Turista o Visitante en el Centro de Seattle y sobre todo el objetivo principal alabar a Dios con cantos que común mente conoce la comunidad hispana.

Si tienes la inquietud de participar en el coro, te invitamos a enviar un correo con los siguientes datos a [email protected]:  Nombre, teléfono, y ¿cómo te gustaría apoyar en el coro? También puedes presentarte a nuestros ensayos todos los domingos a las 4pm (justo antes de la ceremonia).

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