Homelessness and a Chance to Serve at Tent City 3

Published Aug 11, 2016

As our parish moves closer to the date of our Faithful Response to Homelessness Event on September 18 (by the way, please RSVP to me as soon as possible if you plan to attend), I am struck by how much this issue continues to be at the forefront of the media both locally and nationally.  Every paper seems to have stories of encampments, sweeps, the Housing Levy, lack of affordable housing, etc Even several of the social media outlets I use are filled with commentary about the issue of homelessness.  We, at COH, have a unique opportunity to witness to this issue on a daily basis and encounter the true humanity of those who consistitute these numbers, percentages, and fleeting media images.  I know that for me, this keeps me rooted in the reality and "human-ness" of homelessness, rather than just the theory of homelessness as an "issue" with which to be dealt.  

Tent City 3 Dinner Hosted by COH

In addition to participating on the 18th, we have another wonderful opportunity to come alongside our brothers and sisters who are living the reality homelessness.  Tent City 3 has been hosted at St. Joseph Parish this summer.  The camp will be moving out on August 27.  We have offered to serve them dinner on their final night in the encampment on August 26.  There are approximately 97 persons living at TC3 at St. Joe's.  Several volunteers have already stepped forward and we are hoping for more!  The more the merrier, in fact.  We have a lot of folks to feed!  Please contact me at [email protected] as soon as possible to get signed up to help.  

And since I missed Midweek Motivation yesterday ....

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