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Published Apr 3, 2017

A final guest post written by our CRS Ambassador, Cate, for our CRS Rice Bowl Lentent Soup Supper series (say that 10 times fast!). For the full post, check out her blog here.

From the CRS Rice Bowl website, we learn that "Amidst the current, historic drought in Ethiopia, more than 10 million people are struggling with hunger. Dita, her husband and their seven children depend on the money they earn selling crops from their small farm in Ethiopia. But frequent droughts often mean that families like Dita’s who depend on home-grown crops go hungry. But thanks to a CRS program that helps families prepare for crises like droughts, Dita was able to build a new house and open a small store. Instead of relying solely on what she can grow on her farm, she is able to sell items like pasta, shampoo and bananas. She earns a steady $400 a month. “Before, I had to get eggs from my neighbors. Now I have 15 hens,” she proclaims. Saving money and being able to borrow not only allowed her to buy hens but also a metal roof for her new house, a rarity for families in this part of Ethiopia. “Now we have no problems with food,” she says. Unlike families across Ethiopia that struggle to find enough to eat, Dita says her children eat three times a day, thanks to her newfound business knowledge. And what’s more, all her children are attending school. “When I was a child, there were no education opportunities,” she says. Then, with a shy but proud smile, she adds, “That’s a big difference.” "

The lenten soup supper for the 5th Sunday of Lent started with an informational video about the amazing work of CRS global solidarity in Ethiopia and followed with a prayer led by our pastor Fr Paul leading the beautiful CRS Prayer.

Soups were donated by PAUL GUSMARINO, MARC WAUTIER, WILL AND STEPHANIE COLLIER. ESSENTIALS BAKING COMPANY donated the bread AND THE COH CRS AMBASSADORS provided the fruits, served and cleaned. Another successful soup supper indeed. 

The parishioners were invited to join the CRS Ambassadors Retreat on April 29th and reminded to bring the CRS Rice Bowls back by Easter Sunday.

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