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October 2018

Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

‘Happy are those who delight in the Law of the Lord…they are like trees planted by streams of water’ So we heard from the psalmist, and what a great place here in Washington State to be talking about trees.

September 2018

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this moment when there are loud and insistent and altogether appropriate calls for the reformation of the Catholic Church, its hierarchy, and its structures, I’ve been reflecting a little on the Reformations of the 16th century.

August 2018

Free Vocal Workshop at COH

Christ Our Hope's Third Annual Vocal Workshop  for trained and untrained singers, beginners and advanced Knock the rust off the vocal cords! Work with the region’s most respected vocal coaches!

Parish-wide Immersion Day

Sunday, August 26th, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM, spend the day serving with fellow parishioners, giving back to the community, and experiencing first-hand an Immersion Program - one of Christ Our Hope's most prominent outreach program

July 2018

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Leftovers.  Is there anything better than opening the refrigerator in the morning, and finding that there’s one piece of apple pie on the shelf, waiting there for your breakfast.

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Who touched me?”  The question “Who touched me?” tells me something about Jesus.  Physical touch dots the life of Jesus.

June 2018

Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Time is really slipping away.  It’s only six months until Christmas.  Go ahead.  Gasp.

Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

I’m heading back up to the magic Skagit in just a few weeks.  Once into the Valley, I will pass waves of yellow mustard plants spread across the countryside, carpeting the bright fields of summer with their brilliance.

Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The scene is set.  Two separate groups of characters standing on opposite sides of a door: insiders and outsiders.  Outside, along with the scribes from Jerusalem, stands Jesus’ family.

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

On June 8, 1985, five brothers of mine and I knelt of a marble step in St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. Archbishop John Quinn imposed his hands on our heads, and called the Holy Spirit down upon us.

May 2018

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

My mother, God rest her soul, was a passionate gardener and a clever parent. She worked for many years as a night nurse, and her favorite recreation was working out in the yard after she got my sister and me from school in the afternoon.


“Let the Word go forth.”  And it did.  The Word went forth from Jerusalem into the hill country of Judea and beyond.

The Ascension of the Lord

In Mark’s gospel, before Jesus ascends, he tells them, very simply, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.”  He urges them to baptize, to teach, to carry on the work that he has begun.

Sixth Sunday of Easter

I’m fascinated by how fascinated we are with the topic of friendship.  Theologians, philosophers, poets, songwriters, novelists, film makers, sociologists, anthropologists, and psychologists have all dealt with this topic.

April 2018

Fifth Sunday of Easter

The scriptures this week introduce us to someone we don’t hear about very much.  I’m speaking of St. Barnabas.  Tellingly, Barnabas is not the name he was born with.  His given name was Joseph.

Fourth Sunday of Easter

I have friends who sold their home on Capitol Hill, bought some sheep from somewhere in the Midwest, and moved to a farm in the Willapa Hills to make cheese.  I asked their oldest son whom I baptized how he liked being a shepherd.

Third Sunday of Easter

The Bible is a large, complicated volume, made up of 72 books written over almost a thousand years. Most copies are more than one thousand pages long, and the new testament is usually about one third of the book.

Second Sunday of Easter

The annual appearance of doubting Thomas…  In our own times there is a commonly accepted “universe of doubt” in which virtually no proposition is accepted as objectively true.

Easter Sunday of the Lord's Resurrection

Easter isn’t just a noun.  Easter is almost something you should think of as a verb.  Just like our faith.  It is active.  It moves.  It’s something alive, and wondrous, and constantly in motion.

Solemn Easter Vigil in the Holy Night

We are storytelling people.  We need to hear stories – and we need to tell them.  We need to share what we know, what we have experienced, what we believe.  Well tonight, we tell our story.

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