Current Bulletins

Please click on a bulletin date below to download that bulletin in PDF format. You will need a PDF reader application installed in order to view the bulletins. 

Please see the Bulletin Archive for earlier dates. 

File name Size Download
2018-09-16-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-09-09-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-09-02-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.4 MB Download
2018-08-26-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.8 MB Download
2018-08-19-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-08-12-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.5 MB Download
2018-08-05-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-07-29-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.0 MB Download
2018-07-22-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.5 MB Download
2018-07-15-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.7 MB Download
2018-07-08-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.4 MB Download
2018-07-01-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-06-24-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-06-17-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-06-10-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.7 MB Download
2018-06-03-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-05-27-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.8 MB Download
2018-05-20-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 4.3 MB Download
2018-05-13-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 4.1 MB Download
2018-05-06-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 4.2 MB Download
2018-04-29-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 4.5 MB Download
2018-04-22-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 4.2 MB Download
2018-04-15-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.0 MB Download
2018-04-08-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.0 MB Download
2018-04-01-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.9 MB Download
2018-03-25-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.2 MB Download
2018-03-18-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.1 MB Download
2018-03-11-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.2 MB Download
2018-03-04-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.3 MB Download
2018-02-25-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.1 MB Download
2018-02-18-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 3.0 MB Download
2018-02-11-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.7 MB Download
2018-02-04-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.7 MB Download
2018-01-28-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.7 MB Download
2018-01-21-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.8 MB Download
2018-01-14-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download
2018-01-07-COH-Seattle-Bulletin.pdf 2.6 MB Download

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