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    6 FADE
    Mass Changes Starting September 5th, our morning Mass will be at 9:00 AM. /celebrate-our-liturgies _self
    WELCOME TO CHRIST OUR HOPE CATHOLIC CHURCH All Are Welcome! /welcome _self
    Book of the Dead/Libro de los Muertos We welcome all to submit the names of their faithful departed to our parish-wide Book of the Dead.  Los invitamos a todos a enviar los nombres de sus fieles difuntos para nuestro Libro de los Muertos. /our-book-of-the-dead _self
    MASS / LA MISA No pre-registration needed! / ¡No es necesario registrarse! /register-for-mass _self
    SIGN UP for our Weekly Parish Bulletin Emails Sign Up Here! /join _self
    VOLUNTEER We are looking for people ready to give back. Volunteer With Us! /current-volunteer-needs _self
    DONATE TODAY We are grateful for your support of our church. Online Giving allows you to make contributions to our church without writing checks or worrying about cash donations. Donate Here! https://www.eservicepayments.com/cgi-bin/Vanco_ver3.vps?appver3=wWsk24ZWJSTZKsGd1RMKlg0BDvsSG3VIWQCPJNNxD8upkiY7JlDavDsozUE7KG0nFx2NSo8LdUKGuGuF396vbVo5p7eMnpGv3fy_p7gGzk6XHubq5Z7ap5JVmPErc4ZeYHCKCZhESjGNQmZ5B-6dx5gjfhL2G52zCC2bC3wQPwI=&ver=3 _blank
    ADORATION Eucharistic Adoration will be held at Christ Our Hope Parish on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm. No pre-registration needed! /adoration _self
    MASS ONLINE If you can't join us in person, please join us virtually through Facebook Live or YouTube! Watch Now! /mass-online _self
    RESOURCES for Prayer and Reflection /resources-1 _self